Ghana receives 11.9 million Euros (GHC 52 million) from the European Union to support decentralisation

The European Union (EU) has this month paid 11.9 million Euros (GHC 52 million) to support decentralization in Ghana. The grant supports the decentralization reform process of the country that aims to improve service delivery at the district level.

In the framework of the European Union’s Financing Agreement with Ghana, the amount of 11.9 million Euros, equivalent to more than GHC 52.4 million has been released to the treasury to support the implementation of the National Decentralisation Action Plan 2015-2019.  This is the fourth instalment of a programme amounting to a total of 45 million Euros or GHC 198.3 million.

The new payment of 11.9 million Euros was disbursed following the good results of decentralisation process monitored in the past 12 months. Key achievements include measures taken in favour of better dedicated staff at the District level, to strengthen local level capacity to participate in planning and budgeting, to have timely disbursement of funds from the District Assemblies Common Fund to the Metropolitan Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) and the improvement of the functioning of the feeder roads system.

On the occasion of the disbursement, William Hanna, Ambassador of the European Union said:

“The European Union is working with Ghana to ensure that more citizens get better services at local level such as –feeder roads or social protection. We aim to strengthen local authorities to play their role in better accountability, transparency and service delivery. The Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies are crucial partners of central government, who should both implement and add to national development efforts. The Decentralisation reform in Ghana is making headway, and that’s why we are backing it with financial support, along with other development partners.”

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