The District Health Directorate (DHD) is responsible for overall planning, monitoring, supervision, evaluating, training, co-coordinating of all health programs in the District. It is also responsible for conducting operational research and linking up with other agencies and NGOs in health provision and promotion in the district.


A shared vision to ensure “A Healthy population with universal access to quality health service”.


To provide and prudently manage comprehensive and accessible quality health services with emphasis on primary Health Care in accordance with approved national policies.

Sub-district Level:

To facilitate running of health programs, the District has been demarcated into six (6) sub-districts, each with a management team known as the Sub-district Health Management Team (SDHMT).

The five sub-districts are:

  • Asuansi Sub-district
  • Moree Sub-district
  • Asebu Sub-district
  • Abakrampa Sub-district
  • Abura Dunkwa Sub-district
  • Gyabankrom Sub-district

The SDHMTs are responsible for program planning and implementation of health activities in their various sub-districts, some of them include:

  1. Conduct integrated static and outreach activities such as immunization, reproductive health, disease control, growth monitoring, health education and clinical care.
  2. Training and supervision of community based health workers such as traditional birth  attendants (TBAs), community based surveillance (CBS) volunteers and village
  3. Coordinates all Health Committees activities in their level.
  4. The sub-district is also responsible for conducting supportive supervision of facilities in their catchment areas.
Hospital Abura Dunkwa 1
Reproductive and Child Health Clinic Abura Dunkwa 1
Health Center
  • Moree
  • Abakrampa
Rural Clinic Bronikrom (Asuansi) 1


  • Gyabankrom
  • Ayeldo
  • Kwadoegya
  • Kwamankese
  • Korado
  • Mpeseduadze
  • Obohen
  • Obokor
  • New Ebu
  • Old Ebu
  • Nkwantanan
  • Papagya
  • Batanyaa
  • Amosima
  • Asebu
  • Putubiw
  • Sorodofo/Abaasa
  • Brafoyaw
  • Aggrey Mem.
  • Asomdwee
  • Asuansi
  • Musumkwa
  • Okyiriku
  • Asutech
  • Srafa
  • Tuakwa
  • Abaka
  • Nyanfeku Ekroful
  • New Odonase
  • Abuenu
  • Enyinabrim
  • Asebu Ekroful
  • Aburaman Snr High
  • Aggrey Mem. SHS
  • Asuansi Technical Institute
  • Abakrampa SHS
  • Abura Dunkwa (Public)
  • Wusorkrom (Private)
  • Kwadoegya (Private)
Ambulance Abura Dunkwa 1