MIS Unit

The main objective of the MIS unit is to collect, analyze and manage information to support the development, management and implementation of policies, programmes and services in the local government service.


  • Assists in collection and collation of data for the design, development and implementation of IT/IM systems;
  • Undertakes regular in-house IT/IM system maintenance for end users;
  • Assists in the storage and retrieval of data;
  • Appraises direct reports;
  • Assists in conducting research on all IT/IM issues to support the design and administration of IT/IM projects;
  • Provides data to support the development of IT/IM both short long-term operational plans;
  • Performs technical support duties for end-users;
  • Undertakes the installation/implementation, operations, repair/upgrade and routine maintenance of IT/IM equipment, systems and resources;