Stakeholders Meeting on Sandwinning at Moree

In attendance at the meeting was the DCE Hon. Willyevans Obiri Awuah, DCD Dr. John A. Nunya, NADMO Director Semaila Kabore and the Chiefs of Moree community on the 22nd of March, 2022.

Mr Semaila Kabore indicated that sand winning is becoming a serious issue in the district and at the moment there is no sea defense constructed at Moree to curb the growing menace. 
Hon. Willyevans Obiri Awuah also indicated that all we want is the betterment of the district so he pleaded with the community members and individuals to put their personal interest aside to stop this growing problem. He mentioned that discussion with the chiefs and the appropriate persons involved to find a solution to the problem.

The interactions went on and some chiefs and members of the community raised concerns about the task force and the laws not working that’s why the problem keep growing.

The Chief of Moree Nana Ampah expressed his excitement about their attendance and attention to the sand winning situation and urged the DCE, DCD and the NADMO Director that the discussion will be done and final decisions will be communicated back to them.


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