Child abuse and neglect possesses a peril to the educational as well as a physical and emotional wellbeing of children. Child abuse and neglect are both a violation of a child human rights and a growing concern in schools worldwide. Schools plays an instrumental role in society as an institution to protect and care for children by ensuring a safe and secure environment.

Social welfare unit is dedicated to conserving and safeguarding the welfare of all children in its quarters. We recognize our duty to take all practical steps to support best and safe practices to protect all children from harm, abuse and exploitation.

The unit seeks to create and maintain a school environment that is free of harassment and exploitation and to ensure he same in all of our work with the students and communities with whom we work.  

The Social Welfare Unit embarked on second quarter sensitization on child protection of the theme; YOUR BETTER LIFE DEPENDS ON YOU in ten (10) basic schools and three (1) second cycle institutions in the district.

The Social Welfare Unit performed this exercise on 15th May 2023.

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