Inauguration of the 8 Area Councils and Unit Committee

As part of management’s strategy to inaugurate and equip its elected Unit Committee Members with the requisite skills to manage their affairs at the local level and improve revenue mobilization for the development of the District, A one day programme was organized for all the eight (8) Area Councils in the District on 29th of May 2024.

The Facilitator oriented the gathering on the formation of the Council and why the Council is formed. He also congratulated the Assembly and Unit Committee Members on their election into the high office. He noted that, serving on the Council is not partisan but for the common purpose of development and the general well-being of the people they serve.

He touched on decentralization where some form of powers and resources, functions and responsibilities are delegated to the Regions from the Central Government, then from the Regions to the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembles who also delegate to the Zonal, Urban and Town/Area Council, then finally to the Unit Committees.

The orientation highlighted on the following key areas:

  • Membership of the Council: 10 to 15 people – not more than 5 persons elected from the relevant Assembly and 10 Unit Committee members.
  • Tenure of Office: 4 years but does not apply to representatives from the unit committee.
  • Removal from office.
  • Standing Orders: meetings in accordance with Standing Orders of the Assembly
  • Staffing and Administration of the Council.
  • Bank Account and Book-Keeping.
  • Revenue Mobilization, Revenue Sharing and Auditing.
  • Meetings and Allowances.
  • Committees of the Council and Election of a Member Presiding.
  • Composition and the Functions of the Unit Committees.
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